Bill Cosby 's Impact On Education Essay

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To Purchase a Position
Bill Cosby had said "All around the United States of America - in the cities and the counties - our public education is suffering and has been suffering. Cuts, cuts, cuts."
The truth behind this quote is that public education has become financially unstable. Dr. Scott Smith, an assistant professor at Central Michigan University, said “When the school budget has a problem, the athletic budget has a problem.” (Cerling and Herman). Cuts are being made to the extracurricular programs. Because these cuts were made, schools have created their idea of a solution: a pay to play system for sports. Pay to play is a phrase used for a situation in which money is exchanged for the privilege to participate in a sport. It sounds like a simplistic solution, but sometimes these simple solutions are not as satisfactory as they seem. The pay to play system for high school students is very problematic. The school systems have not considered that pay to play may not be affordable to all students, it will decrease the amount of participation in a sport, and that public schools should be providing a well rounded education.
Pay to play may not be affordable to all students. Even if the fee is not immense, it still lessens the budget for the equipment the parents have to purchase on their own. Equipment for one season can add up to three hundred dollars at minimum. Part of the student body already cannot afford playing sports because of the cost of the equipment…

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