Essay about Big Food : Is Making America Sick

1091 Words Oct 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Gostin, Lawrence.“Big Food: Is Making America Sick.” Milbank Quarterly, Vol. 94, No. 1 , 2016, pp 480-484, _article. Accessed 13 Oct 2016.
This article discusses the evolution of unhealthy eating and how it is relates to Big Food leading to modern health issues globally. It introduces the topics and is precise in how obesity has increased in the U.S over time and uses Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention to back up his stats and points. The author shares how the Dietary Guidance since 1894 until now has associated with the United States Department of Agriculture, developing the litigations that food industries that do not support food regulations seek to block and the self regulatories that industries want to adapt. The author concluded that food industries have tried to put a stop to Big Food for the sake of U.S obesity growth over the years, and the healthy eating we have. The author also shares how by doing so their have been challenges that have blocked them, or how they have developed experiment but have failed. Lawrence pointed out how minority groups have been the most targeted in this Big Food problem. The audience of this article are those who seek to want to make a change in our everyday food system but need sources to tell them how to do it and get more knowledge on it. The reason this article is relevant is because it gives us knowledge in how fast food with a lot of calories is making America face even more obesity…

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