Big Bazaar Case Study

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1. Generally youth and women’s are the main customers at Big Bazaar.
2. Between 18-40 can be deduced that most of the consumers who visit retail outlets regularly are the youth.
3. Distribution in the number of men and women who visit the retail outlets and appropriate decisions can be made keeping these numbers in mind.
4. They can influence the loyal persons for more people and our customer base can be increased.
5. Electronic media has an great impact on customers they are getting aware about new products and related offers.
6. Due to availability of all products under one roof and near by their house helps customers to shop weekly and shop fresh every time.
7. Groceries are the main items purchased by the customers and they
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To increase more footfalls more promotional activities must be carried out. For this ,BIG BAZAAR can either offer more discounts or increase their advertisements. Increase in the number of footfalls will lead to increase in sales.

2. Allowing more space between the entrance of a store and a product gives it more time in the shopper’s eye as he or she approaches it. It builds a little visual anticipation.

3. The number of trial rooms available at BIG BAZAAR is very less as compared to the number of people coming. This usually results in long queues and waiting by customers.

4. Install more full length mirrors inside the store so as to assist the customers to make better purchase decisions. 5 .Play light music inside the store to make the shopping a pleasurable experience.

6. They can also exhibit their new line of clothing through events like fashion shows.

7. Baskets should be scattered throughout the store, wherever shoppers might need them. Many customers don’t begin seriously considering merchandise until they have browsed a bit.

8. Big bazaar should increase aisle area for more convenient shopping to its customers to compete with the vishal mega
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Big bazaar should give more attention to the latest trends especially in fashion apparels.


● The report reveals that there is huge scope for the growth of organized retailing and improvement of Big Bazaar Store in Hyderabad city.

● With the changing lifestyle, modernization and westernization there exists a huge scope for the growth of Big Bazaar store and is therefore a threat to unorganized retailing.

● Big Bazaar store are able to provide almost all categories of items related to food, health, beauty products, clothing & footwear, durable goods so it become quite easier for the customer to buy from one shop and hence is a convenient way of shopping when compared to unorganized retailing.

● Aggressive Marketing is the key to increasing the market share in this area, since the market has a lot of potential both in terms of untapped market.

• In peak hours ,especially on Wednesday,Saturday ,Sunday and festival days ,customers have to wait long time at cash counters.
• Besides these ,70% of consumers visiting to bog bazaar were satisfied with services and products.
• Customer services desk collects customers opinion /feedback for continous improvement in their

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