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ONE MILLION, THIRTY THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE. That is the number of fans that entered the gates to KFC T20 Big Bash League fixtures during BBL05. With a crowd average of 28,279 over 32 games this summer, the BBL has found itself with the 9th highest attendance of a sporting fixture in the world.
Crowds have risen an incredible 47% since the inaugural BBL01, when only 550,220 fans entered the gates (17,749 per game). Back then, the BBL was considered a joke of a league, something suitable for children, and children only. Now, five seasons in, not only is the Big Bash League appealing to children, it seems to be the trending topic around all of Australia come every summer.

STARRY NIGHT: A domestic record of 80,883 fans watched
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Now working with Channel Seven, McLaughlin’s “Don’t blush baby” interview with Chris Gayle sparked controversy and ignited women worldwide to take a stand. Her role with the Network was nothing but professional and she has displayed that the women can do it just as well as the men.
By making the BBL available on anyone’s television throughout the summer evenings, the BBL has seen a huge increase in crowds, memberships, merchandise, and it is no longer seen as a joke of a league.
However, I won’t sit here and praise everything Network Ten has done for the BBL. There have been some can’t-miss faults that the network has displayed over the past three years of the five year deal.
BBL05 was the first time Network Ten displayed all games live to everyone in Australia, first time. BBL05 was also the year they switched to an infomercial about a chair, instead of Jake Lehmann’s last ball heroics at Adelaide Oval.
Apart from the mishaps Network Ten have conceded over the past few years, it is no question they struck gold when they claimed the rights to the BBL for $20 million per year. It is also no question that the BBL also struck gold when they made the change from PayTV to

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