Biblical Worldview Essay

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Worldview Assignment
APOL 104- D09
July 15, 2013

Worldview Assignment
A worldview is shaped by the opinions, thoughts and conclusions of others, such as parents, teachers, media, friends and our religious leaders. What we receive from these sources will play an important role for years to come in defining who we are as individuals, our belief systems, how we view our fellowman, the schools we attend and where we live. In addition, it affects morality and how we define right and wrong, social and political issues. The way we view the world has a direct correlation to our decision-making, which will not only impact our lives in a positive or negative manner, but those around us.

The Bible tells us that God created the heavens
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Furthermore, our purpose is to glorify God in our thoughts, words and deeds. Our lives ought to reflect the image of God in such a way that we impact, and change the lives of our fellowman and culture.

In order to define morality we must go back to the One who initiated the moral law (Deuteronomy 10:13). God has given us a set of principles whereby we are to live (Exodus 24:12). Right and wrong, good and evil are not determined by mankind, but by a Holy God (Weider & Gutierrez 62). God’s standard is not just for believers, but they are universal. When the laws of God are applied, we live in oneness with Him and exemplify goodness, mercy and loving-kindness to our fellowman. Moreover, morality brings forth happiness and eternal life. On the other hand, the lack thereof leads to cruelty, selfishness, chaos and lawlessness. Lastly, living in a world without moral standards is equivalent to paganism.

Everything begins and ends with God. The Secularist theory is since there is no God; you don’t have to be concerned about death, because you are just matter. On the other hand, God loved humanity so much that he sent Jesus to give his life so that we could be with Him eternally (Romans 10:13). God created us as triune beings. We have a spirit, soul and we live in a body. When we depart this life, our body goes into the ground. However, our spirit, which is eternal, will either return to the creator God in Heaven or be

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