Biblical Worldview Essay

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For this assignment I will focus on how the understanding that mankind is created through the image of God (Foundational to Christian faith) effects the way that that I will interact with people as a police officer. It is important as a Christian to remember some very basic theological truths, such as the creation of man, the fall of man, to abide by the Ten Commandments, and obey God’s laws. Most importantly however is the fact that all of mankind is created in the image of God. As a police officer I should show kindness to all, I should not steal, and I should not create a disturbance. These things do not only pertain to the profession of Law Enforcement, but it pertains to all aspects of life and all professions.
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In dealing with the community there may be many chances that come about to acquire something that is not mine, but it will not make it right. It may be easy to simply grab some cash that is sitting on a table while searching a residence but the Ten Commandments states “thou shall not steal” therefore it is wrong. Stealing is a sin along with many other things one could do to disobey God. “In one sense, salvation transforms the inner person, but Jesus expects the new convert to discipline his outward life to conform to his expectations.” Sin is human nature and has been since Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Fall of Man. “ Satan entered into the garden to tempt man to rebel against the stipulations given by God. Satan did not appear as a sinister character but as something with which both Adam and Eve were familiar, a serpent.” This is to show that the devil can be a part of anything that will tempt a person to disobey God and be like those of the world. Usually it will be something that we are familiar with because that is the devil’s easiest way to get Christians to turn their back on our Lord. All of mankind is created in the image of God and Satan wants us to turn our back on Him by falling into temptations such as stealing from our neighbors.

Example Three As a police officer and as a Christian I should avoid creating a

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