Biblical Worldview Essay : Philosophy

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Biblical Worldview Essay
Jimena Renteria Dietz
Liberty University

Theology is more than a pile of beliefs to memorize. Theology is the study of God’s being, and it is applicable to each aspect of people’s lives. In this essay I will share how God’s truths can be applicable in my vocation as a future psychologist. While the majority of people think that a science cannot be related to Christianity, Liberty University provide us classes with a biblical-worldview that prove that psychology can be an opportunity to let god uses us.
Explanation of the doctrine
We live in a fallen world, which is one of the reasons why people suffer. Injustices, murders, suicides, and more immoral actions are result of sin. Sin according to Introduction to Christian Doctrine, “the wages of sin is death-physical, spiritual and eternal” (Erickson, p.191, 1996). We live in a sinful world because we are sinners. As imperfect human beings, we have to understand that everything that happens on earth is because our sinful nature, and relying on our own rationality and heart will lead us to death. Another important point is the person of Jesus. Most of the people know who Jesus was, but only a few know who He is (He is alive). Only by grace we have been saved, and the person of Jesus, who is God, play the most essential role in our conversion. “As prophet, Jesus reveals the Father and heavenly truth; as king, Jesus rules over all of universe; as priest, he…

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