Bi-Weekly ILP Review: A Case Study

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On 8/8/2017, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review. CM inquires the reason client was no show for her previous face to face meeting. Client reported she had a doctor appointment. Client in the meeting was wearing a short pant and a t-shirt. She was well groomed. CM follows up on the client last hospitalization at Bellevue Hospital Center due to left lower face cellulitis. Client reported she went to a scheduled appointment on 8/7/2017 and she needs time for her gum to heal. She also reported she is no longer taking the following medications:
Acetaminophen 500mg ( 1x as needed), Amoxicillin Clay 875-125mg (1tab by mouth q12hx4day), chlorhexidine gluconate 0,12% oral rinse, 480 ml 5 ml by mouth rinse bid and ibuprofen 600mg ( 1x by mouth tid with food or milk). Client also reported she was referred to PT Rehabilitation for her back and she is scheduled for 8/10/2017 @ 2235 Frederick Douglas Blvd, New York, New York
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She also states she called a few HHA Agencies and the fee $300.00. CM informs the client to contact her HRA worker for assistant. Client continues to reports an active public assistance benefits. $183/cash and $194/ Food stamps. Next recertification is scheduled for 10/28/2017. Client also mentions she is going there tomorrow for storage assistance.

Client also mentioned FEDCAP telephone interview once a

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