Personal Narrative: Client Meeting

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Late Entry
11/14/2015, CM did a visual to locate client. Client was located and CM requested for the client to come to the social service office. CM completed Initial ILP Review. Client appeared her stated age. She was dressed in black sweat pants and T-shirt. Her hair was disarray. In the meeting she appears to be quiet, cooperative and friendly. She made eye contact appropriately. Client described her mood, “aggravated and angry.” Her affect was angry. CM inquires how client came to the shelter. Client is a 23 year old single African American female who entered BHWS on 10/26/2015 because she was staying with family members and they put her out. Client reported she was diagnosed with Bipolar and anger management. Client report she
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Client provided a brief synopsis of the incident. Client states on 11/12/2015, she had individual therapist at Samaritan Village located in the same building. Client continues to report she has mandated visit with her daughter and she feels that the ACS worker is bias towards her. She continue to report she has one year she haven’t seeing her daughter and she is scheduled to see her daughter 2x a week but visitation and there is always a barrier and that make her very angry.

EDUCATION: Client report she is interested in completing GED. CM refer client to CAMBA GED locate at 885 Flatbush. Client was provided with metro cards. CM advised the client to bring back documents that she is enroll in a GED Program.

RESOURCE UPDATE: Client is currently receiving SSI $733.00 for her medical problem. Client need to submit an update Award
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MRT referral was submitted to CAMBA/Home Health Service which assessment its pending and 2010e its pending.
Review ILP and Client Code of conduct; Client missed a few face to face meetings. CM reiterates the shelter rules and regulation and DHS Code of Conduct. Client reported the reason she missed those face to face meetings it’s because she had a gallstone surgery that require for her to be in bed. CM observed that the client was not in the facility for both face to face meetings.
Worker Assessment: Client appeared her stated age and appeared to be in good health. In the meeting client report she was angry over ACS incident that happened two days ago. She denied suicidal or homicidal ideation. The plan of action: CM will contact the therapist, psychiatrist, probation officer and ACS to set up a conference meeting. Client must comply with medication regimen; Client must attend to all off site and onsite medical appointments. Client must adhere to the shelter rule and regulation and to the 10pm curfew; client must participate in all ACS referral and recommendations. Client must continue to participate in individual counseling and therapist. Client must enroll in CAMBA GED class. CM reviewed the Initial ILP Review. Client agreed and signed. Next upcoming Bi-weekly ILP Review is scheduled for

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