Read Case Study 1: Recruitment Strategies At BHP Workplace

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Case Study 1: BHP
Diversity and equality in the BHP workplace is a key matter that is taken into consideration within the recruitment process as it ensures that all 100 000 employees and contractors are given equal employment opportunities. In response to this BHP continually develop specialised recruitment strategies that incorporate their companies key values such as “Diversity of workforce is everything”. This fundamental value is the cornerstone for all recruitment strategies at BHP and indicates how essential it is for BHP to recognise the different ideas and perceptions that individuals have when applying for a job consequently providing them all with equal employment opportunities. Through the use of external recruitment
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The recruitment strategies implemented by BHP work in compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act of 2012 (WGEA) to appropriately respond to the legal implications of each within BHP. Through the WGEA the employers must understand the impact of the “Work Gender Equality Agency” and its functions which include “Assisting employers in promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace”. This enormous impact is effectively responded to through the effective recruitment strategies implemented by BHP, the recruitment strategy of “Diversity of workforce is everything” epitomises the effectiveness of such recruitment strategies as it highlights the use of non-bias recruitment which seeks to employ a diverse range of employees thus incorporating the WGEA’s function of “promotion and improving gender equality in the workplace”. The use of leadership is another strategy utilised by businesses in response to legal influences of equal employment opportunities, but is much more inefficient. This inefficiency is based off the overall judgment of managers as they are the individuals who enforce the means by which they want to incorporate equal employment opportunities within their labour force and this can create bias’ and unfair outcomes thus leading to unequal employment opportunities. The effectiveness of appropriate internal and external recruitment strategies is unrivaled compared to other possible strategies in responding to the legal influence of equal employment opportunities within

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