Beyond Capitalism Essay

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Michael Hargrove
Soc 4010/5010
Instructor Montez de Oca
Beyond Capitalism

America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy, by Gar Alperovitz claim’s that our political/economic system can no longer sustain equality liberty, and democracy to the American working class. Alperovitz argues that a radical change to our political-economic system is needed. He also believes that it is at the lower or grassroots level that this change has to take place, but that it is going to take some time and a lot of commitment on their part. An analysis of Alperovitz’s book America Beyond Capitalism provides a unique but radical perspective on overhauling our political/economical system. However, his
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The second argument is the inability to sustain a culture of liberty. Alperovitz uses three theories on the central propositions. The first requires the institutional and structural support for individual economic security. The second depends on community support to create and sustain unions or organizations that help sustain cultural liberty. Finally, he talks about the importance of free time. Free time is the time that one needs for personal development, but it is also the time a person needs to enjoy their community. Equality and liberty go together because according to Alperovitz equality depends on the redistribution of wealth so that workers have an opportunity to live the American dream, but Americans also need the time develop themselves and have the time to take part in their communities.
Finally Alperovitz’s last argument is democracy. He argues that corporations have been able to corrupt the government and media with money to influence policies and regulations. Alperovitz argues that democracy has to start from the ground up. The idea is that you can’t have a strong democracy if the smaller communities are in a state of disarray. He also argues democracy is impossible if everything is unequal. He also believes that in order for democracy to succeed in the U.S; he claims that it needs to be broken down into regions

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