Beta Alanine Research Paper

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Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a dietary supplement that is designed to mimic the action of the non-essential amino acid alanine that is produced naturally in the healthy body. The body to produce proteins uses amino acids. The body uses alanine to convert sugar to energy and eliminate toxins from the body. Beta alanine is the manufactured nutritional performance supplement that helps the body produce more energy and eliminate fatigue experienced by athletes. This synthetic form of amino acid is more rapidly used by the body as the form, when administered, presents itself in the form usable by the body. Some research has also been done that indicates that beta alanine may help regulate blood sugar. The elderly and those with illnesses related
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Avocado is also alanine rich. Alanine provides nutrients to connective tissue. Connective tissue is fibrous tissue, cartilage, blood, fat, bone, and bone marrow. Therefore, alanine provides energy to that part of the body. Alanine can also boost the immune system. The benefits of using a Beta Alanine product within a performance exercise program can be seen starting in as little as two weeks. Because the heart is a muscle, Beta Alanine can extend the length of time training can occur without …show more content…
This means that the protein molecule formed by alanine does not like water. Water dissolves the particular protein in alanine. Alanine is also ambivalent so it can be either inside or outside the protein molecule. This allows the alanine amino acid to travel to the muscles in the body that need nutrition and energy. Alanine is nonpolar meaning it does not have positive or negative properties. Alanine has a long carbon strand, which allows it to bond with other carbons.

Alanine prompts the production of carnosine, anserine, and balenine, which is a muscle buffer helping prevent damage from extensive exercise. It is an antioxidant and helps reduce the amount of acid that forms in the muscle during exercise. This increases the capacity for the length and endurance of physical activity. Carnosine removes pollutants from the cells that cut performance. The waste is eliminated through urea after digestion. Unlike many supplements, Beta Alanine has been tested and so far the results claimed by the supplement and the performance

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