Best Friends : Best Friend Essay

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Best friend ■
Everyone has had a best friend at some point in their life. Sometimes it lasts for months or for years. Sometimes they’re your friends for 2 years more or less and you think nothing can come between you you’re the best of friends what could go wrong and then something does whether it’s big or little. Usually it helps you see all the problems that were building up and you start to realize the flaws in your friendship that you ignored before like how after they leave sometimes there’s something missing or how they treat your siblings or even you, or anything and you wonder why you put up with it for so long. The thing about a good friendship is when you get in a disagreement you work it out, realize and what you both did wrong, apologize and try to fix it, although sometimes the friendship isn’t worth repairing. Well, I’ll be telling you about my best friend, how we’ve been friends through the ups and downs…most of the time. We met officially in middle school when she was in 6th grade and I was in 7th. I had already met her in elementary school though. We rode the same bus and that’s when she bullied me. She had forgotten all about me, but after a little bit I remembered. In 7th grade, on the first day, in my bus line, I made a new friend Jaiden. We were close friends for a little while, but one day we had plans to see a movie. The day of the movie she wouldn’t respond. Shakiya was her friend and I was acquainted with her so I messaged her about it. Soon we…

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