Best Foods Case Analysis Essay

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Best Food Case Analysis Best Foods Company is a multinational worldwide food company whose vision is “To be the Best International Food Company in the World.” (p.713) Best Foods set out to make some serious strides in diversifying their organization. However, there were three key diversity challenges facing them. First is that the company has very few women who have been on the career path that leads them to executive level position. This unfortunately was due to past practices. Best Foods top 150 senior managers were mostly made up of older males predominately white. At the time that Best Foods sought to change there was only one women and she was a general manager. With the lack of skill level and job experience one of the first …show more content…
This allowed them to move beyond words and charts and turn their ideas into actions. This will help solidify diversity as global strategy throughout the entire company. I don’t honestly think that there was a better alternative to Brody’s approach. Anything else other than face to face interaction could have got things lost in translation. Now with the completion of the forum Brody and Shoemate face some big challenges. The first challenge is to change the attitudes of their employees. These attitudes include how women are perceived, how they as an employee define diversity, as well as how the company defines diversity. Then you mix in a little cultural difference and you have some bumpy roads ahead. The challenges are a diverse as diversity of the company, generational issues, gender issues, and simple geography will shape anyone’s views and will influence whether or not an employee will be open to the initiatives. The second challenge is the decentralized structure. Although divisional presidents have been tasked with developing their own plans for diversity and to add it to their balance scorecard, the company needs full support from everyone. This will be hard to achieve with everyone doing things their own way. In a decentralized structure it will be difficult to get everyone on board and to buy-in to diversity the way that company needs them to. However, at the World Team meeting the CEO would be able to announce specific goals and

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