Benefits Of Volunteers For An Organization Essay

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Volunteers have been an important piece of many non-for-profit organizations over the years. Volunteers provide free labor and time, performing tasks for organizations helping them achieve goals. For example, Habitat for Humanity is a non-for-profit organization that focuses on providing housing for people in poverty. Habitat relies on volunteers to help build and repair homes. To date, Habitat for Humanity has built of repaired of 1 million homes for over 5 million people living in poverty ( Without the help of volunteers, Habitat for Humanity could never build quick enough in order to make a difference within the community. The volunteers help Habitat achieve their mission and make them who they are today. Volunteering has been so successful it has caught the eye of for-profit organizations as well. Companies are starting to take a look at how volunteers can help them achieve their missions and goals. With the thought of people donating their time to perform tasks, there is no wonder why for-profit companies are considering volunteers. The use of volunteers within a for-profit organization can differ between industries. The way a software company uses a volunteer could be completely different than the way a healthcare organization uses a volunteer. Nonetheless, the volunteer is lending their time to the organization to help perform specialized tasks and achieve organizational goals. A volunteer in a for-profit work setting could provide customer…

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