Benefits Of Undocumented Immigration

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Undocumented immigrants are defined as any induvial who deliberately enter into a foreign country without government authorization. Since the United States of America have been catalogue worldwide as the “country of opportunities”. People from all over the world try by any means to get into America. According to the census bureau, there are approximately fourteen million illegals. And, most are receiving economical benefits. Is the government of the U.S giving millions of dollars to illegals without receiving anything in exchange? This essay will focus on the benefits that the government is giving to illegals and state whether or not that population is beneficial to the U.S.

According to David Wilson’s article; The Part of “Illegal” They Don’t Understand, the term illegal was brought by the patrols units within the U.S-Mexico border. At that time they worried about
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If a child is born in the country even if his parents are illegal, that child becomes a citizen. Considering that there are about 15 million immigrants. And many are receiving aid for their families. The sum of those benefits is what some politicians allege of unacceptable. Government are giving free money to people that may not deserve it. And the ones that pay for those food stamps, childcare and healthcare benefits is the working class.
Another reason illegal immigration is affecting the U.S has to be with crime. It affects indirectly to the economy. But mostly, is a social problem. Even though, statistics say there are a lot more American born caught or incarcerated than immigrants an there so Hispanics. The media always generalize and tend to incriminate an entire community by a crime committed by a single person. In other words, media has been responsible of giving a bad name to immigrants especially Hispanic. And since most of the people tend to believe what is on television, then the negative impact is even

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