Twitter And Instagram

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Twitter and instagram are social media websites that millions of people use all over the world. They can be used as different forms as communication as long as promoting something or just entertainment. If an organization is trying to get the word out on what they do and how they do it social media is one of the best ways to do that in the modern era. Instagram and twitter demographics will be explained from the Meyer Foundation Chart in body paragraph one. Twitter user demographics are explained in the Meyer Foundation Chart that will be explained body paragraph two. Instagram benefits surrounding the story sharing process are in body paragraph three. The benefits of twitter in the story sharing process are going to be in body paragraph four. The hindrances of instagram will be body …show more content…
It has more professional like features that help the viewer get a better look at what is going on. A picture of a non-profit organization working really shows more and will get to the viewer more
Bryant 4 than just words. Instagram is the more powerful app in showing what goes on behind the scenes and explains to the viewer the purpose of what they are doing, and when somebody sees an actual image of someone doing what the non-profit does it affects them more than just reading about what the organization is doing. The main points discussed in the paper were the pros, cons, abilities of the social media site, and the demographics. The cons have instagram can be solved easily and the pros outweigh them by an abundance. The pros of instagram were just like any other social media site and the cons were much more severe than those of Instagram. What shows that Instagram would be the better choice was the trust in the social media platform and how well the site has been portrayed. The ups outweigh the downs in this argument which makes instagram the better choice for a non-profit

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