Essay on Benefits Of The Sharing Economy

1723 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
The concept of the sharing economy is an easier way for people to rent and borrow underutilized items like cars, homes and other assets. Businesses that highlight the sharing economy want to help people in so many ways including job opportunities. Unfortunately some businesses are taking advantage of workers and are underutilizing them. These businesses are supposed to be a positive change for workers that need help finding a job but instead it is changing negatively for them because they are being used to help these businesses and not the workers financially. Many want to work for these organizations because they want to make extra money or are just looking for a good job and they are desperate but workers need to ask themselves if it 's really worth it. Workers of these sharing economy organizations are not finding these jobs to be so helpful for themselves because they are independent workers. Even though many people believe that organizations of the sharing economy help increase the number of jobs they fail to notice that the sharing economy is detrimental to workers, they are not given benefits as opposed to a unionized company, they do not provide a living wage and are unfair to these hardworking people.
Many companies like Uber define themselves as the sharing economy but their drivers are not making enough money. For example Uber drivers have complained about the low pay, miserable working conditions and the fact that they do not have any rights. Workers have to fund…

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