The Pros And Cons Of Wage Theft

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Wage theft comes in a variety of violations. This happens when an employer doesn 't want to pay the employee the amount that they legally earn for the time that they work. There are many types of wage theft, such as overtime violation, meals and rest breaks, of the clock violation, and illegal deduction from paycheck and many others. Other forms of wage theft are taking out money from the employee 's salary for uniforms that are going to be used for that job and not receiving health benefits such as Medicare or dental care. Los Angeles is known that it has the highest percent in wage theft. According to Jordan Melograna state that “Los Angeles is the Wage Theft Capital of the United States, where $26.2 million is stolen from workers every …show more content…
This happens when Employer takes the money that the employee deserves by the time that they work. This affects their health in many ways they can’t pay their medication or examinations that they need. In the article Wage Theft as a Neglected Public Health Problem: An Overview and Case Study From San Francisco 's Chinatown District some critics argue that “Several studies have shown a relationship between lack of paid sick leave and serious heart events, undertreated or exacerbated injuries or illnesses, increased spread of influenza, and failure to get mammograms and other cancer screenings.” (Minkler, Meredith, et al.) Many people don’t take the exams that they need to get better or just routine checkups because they are too expensive, such as breast cancer, diabetes, or obesity because they don’t have the money to pay for it and their jobs don’t provide them with health …show more content…
Many have to work really long hours without having a choice because their income is so little. Some critics have argued that “The time poverty that workers frequently described was related to work demands and impacts on personal and family time.”(Santiago et al). Many people have to spend so much time at work and get many hours so that they can barely live with the minimum wage that they don’t really have time for themselves or their family. Many of these people, however cannot reduce their working hour because they would fall into financial problems or increasing the amount of poverty that they are living in. Wage theft is a worldwide problem that many people go through when it come to labor work. Wage theft takes many forms such as getting paid the minimum, overtime violations, and deducting on paychecks. Los Angeles is considered one of the places that have the highest percentage of wage theft. We as a society have to do something to change this help everyone in the labor get treated the right way. Many people don’t just suffer from poor health condition, poor living cognition, but also of time poverty. For example in the article Wage Theft Prevention Act Signed Into Law stated that “ employers have to notify all new employees in writing when hired of their regular pay rate, regular pay day and overtime rate. Additionally, Employers must now provide a notice at the time of hire in

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