Why Should We Raise The Minimum Wage Essay

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The Minimum Wage Great Debate Kelly Lautenschlager
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A day in the life of an American worker can vary by one’s social class. While one person may start out their day at the local Starbucks, another person is budgeting to buy groceries for their family. For some, no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to make ends meet. Americans that make minimum wage struggle everyday with many issues such as paying bills, feeding a family, staying out of debt and quality of life. If we could increase minimum wage to compete with the rising cost of living, we would see less Americans struggling to get by. William Dunkelberg’s article titled Why I Don’t Think We Should Raise the Minimum Wage, proceeds to argue the reasons that we should not increase minimum wage in America. () Dunkelberg goes on to describe all the issues that arise with raising the minimum wage and how it affects businesses. Among these reasons, the companies debating against raising minimum wage claim that they can’t find qualified labor, there are significant costs to hiring, there would be a fewer number of jobs provided and it would destroy job opportunities forever. () Dunkelberg also describes issues such as workers have given up on looking for jobs, younger and poor people are collecting welfare and other assistance, and that
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() While Dunkelberg has these strong arguments supporting other social classes and businesses to discredit raising minimum wage, we should consider the opportunities it opens because it can boost our economy

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