Benefits Of Technology For Students And Teachers Essay

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Benefit of Technology for Students and Teachers
The use of technology is increasing day by day, we all depend on technology and we use various technologies to accomplish specific tasks in our lives. Many people think using technology in classroom will lead student using these devices to cheat in school. And will cause students to be “outside” of classroom, texting to friends or playing games. But other than causing distraction, technology can bring more benefit to the classroom.
Technology in classroom makes learning more fun. According to the “Incorporating social media in the classroom”, in order for students to become interested in a specific topic, it’s important to activate prior knowledge and begin with something that is of concern to them. Incorporating social media into the classroom will provide a positive, upbeat learning environment that students are engaged in on a regular basis. It can enhance discussion, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity amongst the students, students and teacher both will be happy with the learning and teaching outcome.
Technology makes learning more fun, it also state in the “The Internet Can Increase Learning”. Students can use blogs to break down the barriers of traditional publishing and facilitate discussions with teachers, classmates, and wide audiences. It’s also can be a journal for students to keep a record of their ideas over time, and others can provide feedback and comments to it. Or provide a personal space to…

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