Essay on Benefits Of Taking High School Online

778 Words Apr 10th, 2016 4 Pages
It’s important for an individual student to grow into a young adult that is acceptable in society with as much knowledge as possible. Students must comprehend what their learning and study at a pace that’s right for them, growing as a solid student to an adult. In the last 16 years or so technology has grown to benefit everyone especially the younger generation, they have the ability to take high school classes online. It was brought to my attention by my daughter Meadow (7th grade) a few months ago all the benefits of taking high school online. The impact schools online have on a student is amazing, as long as the student wants to be taking the class, it teaches them skills a regular high school classroom has lacked in teachings for many years.
Many parents, teachers, and young adults would agree with me that the educational system has gone on a downfall for the last 10 years or longer. The school system has failed the students with the teaching strategies, letting common core take over our math lessons for money, and the “ No child left behind” has left a lot of kids very behind because there passed on to the next grade even if there not ready. I’m fortunate to have great kids that love to learn and do very well in school. My daughter Meadow (straight A student) gets very frustrated with her classmates because their loud, they don’t listen, they interrupt constantly, and many don’t even participate in the lesson but the teachers just keep moving through the…

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