Benefits Of Taking Action Essay

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Some people don 't know what they want to do, so they do nothing. Some people know what they want to do, but still do nothing. And some people spend a ton of time going to seminars, reading, and learning about what they want to do, but they never actually take any action on what they learn. While it seems like all these people should be having different satisfaction or success in their lives, they really don 't. If you take no action on your life, it doesn 't matter how much you learn or know, your actual life is not going to benefit in any way.

No matter where you are in life, taking action is crucial. It doesn 't matter if you know where you want to go and what goals you want to reach or if you feel like you are just floating around trying
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It doesn 't take money. It doesn 't take experience. It doesn 't take anything except for the desire and willingness to go ahead and do something. If you 've been having a hard time getting busy in life, I hope the following benefits of taking action will spark that desire and willingness in you and get you on the track to a much more action-packed life.

1. Taking Action Stops The Pain

Not taking action results in mental and physical pain. The regret of not doing what you want, the lack of growth and confidence in yourself and the negative self-talk all results in a lot of mental pain.

Psychological pain is a type of suffering that most people would agree is worse than physical pain. It 's that pain that makes your chest heavy, your heart hurt, and your happiness drain out of you. And, it can lead to physical pain. Headaches and backaches often go hand in hand with emotional pain.

Living in a state of suffering is no way to live your life. Emotional pain and suffering are known to be huge motivators for poor decisions that affect the quality of life negatively and even suicide. In other words, living in that state can have a very negative effect on you, and taking action is the way
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You Get Results!

This is one of the main reasons that taking action is so crucial to your life. The action you take is going to determine the results you get. If you want anything to happen in your life, then you need to do something concrete, which means you need to take action.

This is the part where so many people fall short. They don 't understand why they are not getting the results they want because they feel like they are in motion and doing something with their life, but they actually aren 't. Motion and action are not the same thing.

Examples of being in motion include creating goals, writing down to-do lists, learning about what diet would be best, reading an article on how to be happier, or reading an article on the importance of taking action! All of those things may trick you into thinking that you are doing something, but you 're not.

Taking action would look more like this: doing things that help you reach your goals, doing things on your to-do list, eating a diet according to what you learned, and applying the principles you learned about being happier or taking action in your

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