Between Pool And The Gardenias Analysis

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Based on the novel Between Pool and the Gardenias by Edwidge Danticat.

“We live and we die and anything else is just a delusion.” – Chuck

As human being we tend to repress everything that cause us pain, lock it away in the deepest side of our minds, burying all the impulses to escape the reality.
Published in 1996, “Between Pool and the Gardenias” the story brings up the situation of the population in Haiti, which was surrounded by poverty, suffering and, critical social, political and economic situation. Haiti is a small country in the Caribbean located on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Currently, Haiti covers the smaller portion of the island on the west end, within the Greater Antillean
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“I always knew they would come back and claim me to do something good for somebody. Maybe I was to do something good for this child (Krik?Krak!).” The baby might have been abandoned there for days, who know? However, it shows how bad it is the situation. The people are too into filled with their problem, and taking take of their own way of survival to pay attention to and/or help others. “In the city, even people who came from your own village don’t know you or care about you. They didn’t notice that I had come the day before with no child. Suddenly, I had one, and nobody asked a thing …show more content…
I think Danticat wanted to show us how the on can have lack of moral values when seeking disesperately a way of survival. Marie saw in the baby a way to disconnect from her past and to be able to create a new reality. She becomes delusional and takes the baby in as if it was hers; feeding, bathing, and caring for the baby. She even imagines a family where belongs as the baby’s mother, and the pool man as her husband. “We made a pretty picture standing here. Rose, me, and him (Krik?Krak!).” She went through a heavy mental trauma after having six miscarriages, while been married to a man that was cheating and blaming her of killing the babies”(…) made my husband wonder if I was killing them on purpose (krik?krak!).” Miscarriages don’t only present a physical threat but also a mental health

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