Essay about Benefits Of Registered Nurses And Their Roles

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I. Remember when you were younger and you would tie a sheet around your neck and jump off the couch like a superhero like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Spider Man? Well, I want to be a hero, but not a hero with a cape with a secret identity behind them. I want to be a hero with a stethoscope around my neck and be by your side when you are injured. These people are called Registered Nurses or RNs and I want to become an RN so I can be there through your rough times right up until you are out of the hospital.
II. Today I will provide a description of an RN, types of roles an RN does, the education, the salary, the employment outlook, and the history. Body
I. First I will start with a job description on Registered Nurses and their roles in the medical field.
A. People may ask, what does an RN do in their occupation?
B. A registered nurse, or also known as an RN, is a type of nurse that works with a large variety of patients. The RN’s aren’t usually in one specific area, but they move about the hospital. One minute they could be in the E.R and the next they could be handing the Doctor’s tools to them while performing a surgery.
C. Sometimes, the RN’s jobs are fairly simple. For example, if you visit the doctor for a check up, usually an RN is there to take vital signs, which includes your temperature, blood pressure, oxygen, and respiration. They have certain ranges they need to look for while doing this process.
D. Even though it seems like RN’s just take vitals and check…

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