Benefits Of Providing Free Internet Access Essay

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Benefits of Providing Free Internet Access
Many people have become accustomed to relying on the Internet for everyday tasks. Only one-third of the population is connected to the Internet, so what about those two-thirds that are not connected to the Internet? A solution to fix this problem is to let everyone in the world have free Internet access. As technology keeps on advancing, we will soon be able to make that solution into a reality. Google should provide free Internet access because that will give people the liberty to have a better life by helping them be more informed about the world around them and to solve problems that humanity faces. William Kamkwamba is an inventor and was born and raised in Malawi. He had to drop out of school due to the fact that his family was going through financial problems and couldn’t pay his school’s tuition. He instead went to his nearest library, which was funded by the U.S government, and even though he could hardly read English, he pushed himself to be self-taught. One day he came up with an idea to build a windmill; he got his inspiration from the books he read in the library. He used the diagram in the book as a reference as he built his own windmill. At the age of 14 he successfully built this windmill in the total of three months. When he got recognition for his invention he was invited to a TED conference in 2007. Someone there had asked him “Do you know the Internet?” he replied, saying no, then that same person asked him if…

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