Benefits Of Hybrid Cars Saves Money Essay

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Have you ever thought of switching from a conventional vehicle to hybrid vehicle because of expenses? In fact, hybrids can be more pricey to repair and come with hazards that can go as far as taking one’s life due to electrocution which gives hybrids many disadvantages. Although Hybrid vehicles saves money, the cost of maintaining a hybrid is similar to the expense of conventional vehicles.
Back then people were complaining their car wasted so much gas and money. Henry Ford’s creation of the Model T in 1908 transformed the transportation and auto industry in America. It was a low priced, durable, and easy to handle automobile. It changed the lives of many everyday Americans. A gasoline powered, internal combustion engine created by Karl Benz in 1885 was what started the building blocks for the engines in the cars that we drive today. As time and technology advanced, auto manufacturers came up with ways to get from place to place efficiently and help the environment at the same time. They came up with solar and battery powered engines.
A solar car takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity which fuels the battery that runs the motor of the car. Around the 1960’s, congress introduced a law that promoted more use of electric cars in attempt to stop pollution or at least reduce it. Then over the next two decades, manufacturers spent a lot of money on research and development of hybrid vehicles. Technology continued to improve and cars like the Toyota Prius,…

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