Academic Benefits Of High School Sports

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benefits, students who participate in sports do better academically, with fewer disciplinary issues and lower dropout rates. Christy Lleras from the journal Social Science Research said that students who participate in sports and other activities in high school earned more 10 years later, even compared to those with similar test scores! What Christy Lleras researched and proved, speaks for itself pretty clearly. It really hits home on the fact that high school sports teach you much more than just the smarts. Sports can get you scholarships for college education purposes, as well as offer justification for your academic efforts! So for those people who say they can 't play sports because of school work, you’re wrong on so many different levels! …show more content…
Playing sports helps teenagers develop a healthy sense of competition within friendly, team-oriented environments. The partnership for the 21st century skills has published a list of what it calls life and career skills including flexibility, adaptability, productivity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility! Most teenagers find that the best way to acquire these skills is after school activities. All of the students on teams must learn the value of diversity and teamwork in a hands on way. Being a part of a team does much more than what people realize. It enables students to get a firmer grip of who they are in a group, which then leads to a stronger sense of self. It 's a good feeling to know how you stack up against people and discover who you are. Learning new things about yourself and other people every day you go to practices and games is not something you 'll find in class. According to the University of Florida, students of all ages who play sports are able to cope better with competition in other areas of their lives. Why do students cope with competition issues later in life better than those students who didn 't play sports in high school? It 's simply the fact that a sport teaches you how to love competition. Competition is what makes you better as an athlete and pushes you to do more than what your opponent does. It 's the same principle in the workplace …show more content…
It 's safe to say that you can significantly benefit from playing a sport or two! Being a student athlete is by no means easy. If it was easy, the other 55.5% of High School students would be playing! But that 's what makes the difference between you and them. Not only are you going to class and pulling off good grades, but you are developing a certain work ethic that can take you anywhere you would like to go in life. If students take that work ethic they learned in high school sports and direct it towards their college degree, the sky is the limit for them. They can live a good, safe, long, and healthy life because that 's what they now know how to do. Knowing all the benefits that you gain from sports as a high school student, will sports continue to rise for its 23rd straight year? Will more teenagers take this secret key to life and use it to potentially unlock any door they please? Only time and research will prevail us with more

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