Essay on Benefits Of High School Football

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The Internet has made it possibly for college football scouts to connect to players all over the country like never before. College scouts can now view game film from high schools without having to leaving their computers using a revolutionary new website. Prior to the creation of this website scouts would have to travel all over the nation watch hundreds of games to hopefully find a couple of players worthy of a scholarship or offer to play at the next level this excluded many players who due to the location of their school could go unseen. The website is called, it allows for High schools across the nation to post game film and lets the individual players on that team edit the film to create a highlight reel. Highly viewed highlight videos have the potential to make it on the home page of the website putting it in the eyes of college recruiters everywhere. This website benefits high school football players all over the country whether they live in the inner city or a rural town, they still have the potential for their plays to be seen by a recruiter no matter their school hence evening the playing field.
Recruiting prior to the internet consisted of scouts traveling school to school hoping to find a worthy prospect. Going off nothing but rumors and luck isn’t an efficient or convenient way to build a team or find quality players deserving of a scholarship. “The recruitment of student athletes at the NCAA levels requires much more than just a high school visit…

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