College Admissions Essay: My Dream Of Attending High School

As a high school student, I find myself constantly faced with people asking what my plans are after I graduate. Occasionally I feel unsure about my answer, but the one definite decision I have made is to graduate from a college. Moreover, I would like to attend a college for three main reasons: to take advantage of the opportunities around myself, to start a tradition in my family, and to reach my career goal of becoming a high school band director. Nevertheless, college is definitely a goal I want to complete. My grandpa always told me that with age comes wisdom, and I have finally begun to realize the truth in that statement. When I was a freshman in high school, I didn’t dream of enrolling in college on account of disliking school so much. Since then, I have been told by countless people how much they …show more content…
Two of my other siblings have attempted to finish college, but they never completed their classes. After graduating high school, my father received a diploma from Iowa Central Community College, but my mother never finished her degree. Going to college could be a start of a tradition for myself, my future children, and future grandchildren. Furthermore, this tradition could cause more members of my family to become motivated to attend a college. Considering I come from a large family with an abundance of young children, I am a role model to many younger cousins. When children see someone they admire accomplishing great feats, they will feel motivated to do the same. Additionally, to initiate the tradition of attending college would mean I would begin to help people see how you can turn a hobby into a passionate career. Personally, I have found myself interested in studying music. Although my interest in playing instruments started as a fun talent, I have chosen to turn it into a lifelong career by integrating it into the field of education and deciding to major in music education in

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