Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Organisms have been genetically modified for thousands for years. Dogs are bred together to make a new, better breeds. Fruits are crossbred to make new types of fruits. Today, most food is genetically modified. Over 70% of processed food in the United States is considered genetically modified. To be considered genetically modified, the food’s DNA must have been changed through genetic engineering (source E) The changes can be made in labs or by breeding different types of plants together. In the past few years there has been a lot of criticism toward genetically modified food. People view GMO food as unsafe and unnatural. Stores like Whole Foods, which is known for selling organic food, have begun to end the sale of products with genetically modified ingredients. People want to know what food is genetically modified and what is not. There is a big debate over if a law should be passed to require companies to label food non GMO or containing GMO. In the scientific community GMO food is viewed very differently. Many scientists and other people view GMO as a sign of scientific progress. Genetically modified food is truly not harmful to humans and shows the progress of science; a law should not be passed that requires food to be labeled if it contains GMO.

Scientists have proven that genetically modified food to be unharmful to humans. Some genetically modified crops can even be beneficial. Genetically modified crops have a “long and impressive list of benefits “that include…

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