Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food Products Essay

1619 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Due in large part to the evidence that proves genetically modified crops to be much less safe than the crops that are bread without any modification, many U.S. citizens express anger or disgust toward these food products. The acceptance of these modified food products in the U.S. is a controversial subject, and it has attracted an extensive amount of research study due to the alarming difference between the opinions of the general public who say it is unsafe, and the opinions of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, who claim just the opposite, by an almost 90% majority. According to a more recent meta-analysis of these research studies, people feel that there is a greater risk than benefit to eating the food. The meta-analysis also shows that citizens are less trusting of the institutions involved with the genetically modified products. Even though the results are there, they are not fully credible because these studies were centered only on rational or quasi-rational factors, and in another survey, slightly over half of the participants stated that they knew nothing or almost nothing about the biotechnology that used in the genetic modification of the food products. Because a large portion of the general public is uneducated on this matter and does not form its opinion from calculating proven repercussions, this study claims that most people form their opinion because of their own personal absolute morals. As a means to acknowledge and answer three…

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