Benefits Of Employee Training

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Employee training is a vital part that our company has to possess for prosperity. In order to enhance working efficiency, employees have to be adequately trained before they start their tasks. Our current on-site training system is inefficient and costly to satisfy the company’s needs. The training system should be transformed into online courses that can be suit employees’ individual conditions. We make a thorough investigation into the current problems and evaluate three massive open online courses (MOOCs) that can solve the problems: Udacity, Coursera, and EdX. They are the leading online courses providers that can span their reach to an entire company at the same time. 2 PROBLEM DEblockedION The on-site training has limited access that …show more content…
Employees do not need to wait for instructors, they can simply access to the web site when it does not conflict with their other schedule. MOOCs also swap classwork into homework. Employees access to their courses, not through professors lectures. In this way, they can put their effort in their work places during work and explore more for their interests or their careers during spare time. Adopting MOOCs for employee training also guarantees a considerable amount of corporation profit.

Current training system requires both classrooms and instructors and only a few subjects can be taught simultaneously. On the other hand, MOOCs allow various subjects corresponding to individual’s requirements. Employees choose the courses that they want to learn using a variety of tools such as desktops, laptops, or smartphones and they can use all of these tools with the occasion. As our company builds our own courses, we can approach a customized education suited to our
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The three MOOCs have their own pros and cons that require careful consideration. We must select and implement the most adequate solution for our company. The appropriate one has to possess courses that are closely related to our work. It also needs to provide the self-paced model for flexible access to learning. Size and breadth of the catalog are essential points to consider as well. Without thorough training and valuable skill development opportunities, it can be a wasting asset. 3 EVALUATION Udacity is an organization founded in 2011 by a group of Stanford University computer science professors [1].

This platform focuses on technology courses including front-end web development, web development, and computer programming which are fit to our company’s main areas. Specialists from Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google collaborate with Udacity that can serve as a stepping stone to cooperate with those companies for our

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