The Future Of Nursing

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Improving Health care is a big topic today for politicians, health care teams, and hospitals. Health care is always making changes and improvements and caring for patients is now a multidisciplinary collaborative care. In the article “The Future of Nursing”, states that the U.S. has a chance to improve health care and lead to impairments and transform nursing where all patients receive affordable, seamless and quality care. In the year 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine released a report on the future of nursing. It focused on the ever changing health care team and the nurse 's duties. The report focused on 4 main topics; achieve continued education, practice to full extent of education/training, the nurse’s …show more content…
A key component discussed throughout the IOM report is the benefits of education in nursing. The IOM has a significant impact on the nursing field and it resulted in many nurses to go back to school. Is serves as a blueprint in making changes in the nursing profession and the health care system. The report’s main topic talks about the benefits of education in nursing. Some nurses feel as though they can stay at the ADN level and they like the idea of being a bedside nurse. Even though bedside care is a major component of nursing, but continuing the education in nursing is important. By a nurse with more education provides an increased understanding in assessing a patient with critical thinking skills and can assist a doctor for plans of treatment after interpreting the patient’s signs and symptoms. Having a career in nursing, it gives you a chance to learn something new every day since it is lifelong learning experience and it is encouraged to expand our knowledge as nurses beyond our current job title. Research and new information along with new medications, treatments and technology is constantly changing so more opportunities to learn and increase our nursing …show more content…
A nurse’s bedside role is extremely significant and the nurse spends more time with the patients than the physicians and so when physicians make rounds it is important for the nurse to acknowledge the physician to inform on the patient’s status, your observations and inputs on change . The physician should appreciate the nurse’s ability and importance in the patient’s care. It is one of the important reasons why a nurse should seek to increase the level of education to use these task effectively and it help improve how nurses our perceived in the work place as whole team in patient’s care

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