Benefits Of Earning A College Degree Essay

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There are well-documented benefits of earning a college degree. Students with a college degree benefit more financially and culturally than high school graduates. College is a place where students can explore and develop intellectually, while building lifelong relationships. Many of the relationships involve meeting people from different backgrounds. According to Jeff McGuire, meeting people from diverse backgrounds provides an opportunity to gain a global understanding and perspective of people from other countries, and around the world (n.d.). These experiences cultivate a community of individuals, who are growing together. College offers so much more than just educational experiences; it also provides an avenue to explore a host of activities such as service learning, student leadership opportunities, sporting events, concerts, as well as social events. The college experience is designed to cultivate a well-rounded person, one who is ready to tackle the world. David Leonhardt (2014) indicated that a college education is definitely worth the debt. In 2013, his inquiry reported that a college graduate with a four-year degree made 98% more than a high school graduate, which is up from 89% from the previous five years, 85% a decade ago, and 64% from the 1980s. While a college degree does not guarantee success, it is the ticket to the middle class in a thriving economy. Additionally, college graduates suffer like everyone else in a weak economy. As such, college…

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