Benefits Of Curd In Milk

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The curd is a fermented food known all over the world. The fermentation process is conducted by adding bacteria to the milk. The unique nutritional value of the curd allows it to help in various ways. Apart from enhancing the taste of various foods, curd improves the digestion and provides strength to bones and teeth. Consumption of curd also lowers the cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure. The immunity of the body increases. And the external use helps in improving the skin health, reducing dandruff and other benefits as well. Apart from that, the curd reduces the stress level, which makes it a natural remedy for hypertension and other issues. With the right amount of regular consumption, curd helps in reducing the weight
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Health Benefits:
1. Improves digestion
People suffering from indigestion get immense benefit with the consumption of curd. It has the ability to maintain a balance in the acid levels in the stomach. The ability of curd to manage the pH levels makes it a perfect remedy for indigestion. The consumption of curd helps in digesting other food effectively, which provides better nutrition to the whole body. Also, people suffering from dysentery get relaxed stomach by eating a little amount of curd.
2. Helps in weight reduction
People who are trying to reduce their weight should definitely include curd in their diet plan. With the immense amount of calcium availability, curd helps you fight with obesity. The calcium restricts the creation of cortisol, which doesn’t lead the body towards weight increase. So, to fight cortisol, a person should have a certain amount of curd daily. About 18 ounces is enough to provide the necessary amount of calcium in the
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However, the good bacteria available in curd doesn’t allow other bacteria to accumulate and cause the infections.
The curd is a versatile item that is used for various purposes. It is used as food for direct consumption and also included in various dishes. Different types of sweets are prepared with the help of curd. Along with that, the curd is also used as refreshment drinks by adding sugar or salt and mixing it together. The minerals available in the curd make it perfect for beauty care. The curd is mixed with other items to create homemade beauty care pastes. These pastes are applied to the skin or hair according to the purpose. Similarly, there are various other uses of curd that improve the health of the body and mind.
Side Effects & Allergies:
Though curd is helpful in weight reduction, regular consumption can lead to obesity. Hence, the people should be careful while deciding the amount for the week. Curd can be heavy for some people, which leads to constipation. However, the problem occurs with high intake only. Curd provides strength to bones and teeth, but people who already have arthritis should avoid eating curd on a regular basis. It increases the joint

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