Student Conferencing Essay

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Conferencing allows for a learning environment to offer a student-based approach that is necessary and effective for the success of all learners. Teachers using conferencing see the value in it as it provides the ability to find out invaluable information for teachers on their students writing progression, it has the capability to be used as a tool for both learning and assessment.

The purpose is to not only allow for the application of learning from conference sessions however to also enhance future writing, it creates valuable writing skills as well as developing the life long skill of critical reflection. Teachers using a student based approach rather than teacher based, are able to distinguish and utilized students’ strengths therefore guiding them in a strength based style teaching method.
Conferencing as a teaching strategy often includes critical feedback for the student, a short time in which the student and teacher practice the new skill or strategy, and a link to how the new skill or strategy will improve the child’s future work as a writer (Anderson 2000). The ideology behind using conferencing is to be able to help students move
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We as role models and mentors are their to build up students to be the best they can be, by unearthing and utilizing a students strengths not only benefits their work but their self esteem. Such approaches as conferring allows students to be exposed to questioning about their writing, it creates this personal world of self reflections, sharing of ideas and creates closer trust connections as students are able to led a conversation about their work and it gives the teacher an opportunities to tune into their students imaginative world of

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