Benefits Of Castor Oil

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20-Known Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin, Hair and other Health Supplement
Castor Plant (Ricinus Communis) and Gandharva Hasta in Ayurveda has versatile use in skin care and hair care apart from lubricant in industrial use. Castor oil is extract from Castor seeds and is popular as alternative medicine. It is affordable and available in e-stores, herbal stores and retail oil stores. When comes to skin and hair care it is an important ingredient in herbal hair care and skin care products. It is also a natural lubricant for labor, breast-feeding and while performing sex. You can find many such health and other benefits of castor oil in the web.
1. Erotic Lubricant for Men and Women: The castor oil is the best lubricant for men and women who wish
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Castor Oil and Breast Feeding Mother: It acts as a lactation stimulant. It is advisable to clean away the castor oil before breast-feeding.
4. Castor oil and Cooking: You must keep on changing edible oil weekly or monthly once. The use of castor oil is good for cooking in summer month as they have cooling effect on your intestine.
5. Castor oil has Ricinoleic Acid: This is a rear unsaturated fatty acid present in castor seed and has healing benefits. ‘When’ comes to skin care it reacts over all bacterial infection on skin.
6. Body Massage with Castor Oil: A full body massage with castor oil is advisable as per Ayurveda in the summer months. It has cooling effect and makes you feel cool in the hot summer days.
7. Castor Oil for Glowing Skin: Apply castor oil throughout the body before bath. You must take bath in lukewarm water to get glowing skin appearance. It is advisable to use any glycerin soap instead of a fatty acid soap to cleanse away castor oil from your body while bathing.
8. Castor Oil for Aging Skin: The facial application of castor oil daily can reduce wrinkles naturally. It is best to use daily and leave it for more than two hours for the best
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Castor Oil for Thick Black Hair: You can notice your hair turning thick black when you apply castor oil topically. Any womanhood with thin hair can try castor oil and can find excellent results by a month time.
16. Apply Castor Oil to Curb Hair Fall: The topical application of castor oil can reduce hair fall naturally. It is one of the best anti fungal oil, which kills germs, bacteria’s and insects, which are the major cause of hair fall in women.
17. Castor Oil and Hair Styling: Women with long hair can try various types of braid with mild application of castor oil before hair grooming. The castor oil has best holding properties of hair strands and your braid looks more in detail.
18. Castor Oil for Hair Growth: The topical application of castor oil has proven results for new hair growth. It improves your scalp health by removing fungus and bacteria’s giving away way to new hair growth.
19. Castor Oil to Cure Skin Pigmentation: Getting skin rashes, pimples and boils are most common before adulthood. The daily topical application of castor oil on dark spot and rashes can clear away within two weeks.
20. Castor Oil to Heal Scar on Skin: Any scare on skin can naturally heal with use of castor oil naturally. Apply few drops of castor oil before bed and wash away in the morning for best

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