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Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun

As someone who has always felt the need to be tanned (because it makes me feel better about myself) I've tried a lot of different methods...
1. Natural sun: baby oil, olive oil, no oil then shower then put oil on to lock the sun in, beer, reflective sheet, laying by water, floating in water, some SPF, no SPF, etc
2. Tanning beds: cheap tanning lotions, expensive lotions, no lotion, those that tingle, those that don't, mixing up to 7 different lotions because they all had X number of bronzers in them (the more the better right?)
3. Spray tans (DHA)
3. And last but not least self tanners (DHA): high end (6 different one) & drugstore (6+different ones)
While each method has its pros & cons, I can't be bothered
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The other, I had done right before my sister-in-laws wedding, was done by a real human who made sure to get EVERY nook & cranny on my body. My problem with the spray tans is that they both made me look like an umpa lumpa. I was so orange after both that it just felt like a waste of money. The only good thing that I found out of spray tans was i never went alone, I always had a friend go with me & they got the same tan I got, so after it was done I was not the only one looking like an umpa lumpa.
Now with self tanners it's really a battle to find one you like, one that your comfortable using, easy to apply and that doesn't streak or leave you orange. I've tried many different self tanners and have found that some leave me orange, or greenish/grey looking, some don't have a color guard so you don't know how much you've applied, some didn't give me a good tan, some didn't last, & some were just too expensive for the amount of product I had to use.
BUT I think I have finally found one that I LOVE & has everything I'm looking for: great price, nice color, doesn't streak, & it last.
JERGENS NATURAL GLOW INSTANT SUN Sunless Tanning Mousse in Deep Bronze
I love this stuff. Now there are some pros & cons just like there are with all products but for me the good out weighs the bad.
Type: Mousse
Size: 6 oz

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