Fashion Designer Research Paper

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You may ask yourself “what is being a fashion designer all about?” Well unlike most jobs working as a fashion designer allows people to be expressive and showcase their style to create pieces never before seen. When designing a product, your mind is open to new possibilities each and every day. There are various different career paths for a fashion designer but the main ones are clothing, accessories and footwear. All which require studying and analyzing trends that would be appealing to the consumer, focusing on a theme for your designs, planning out which fabrics and colors you will utilize, collaborating with other designers to share and present the product to the consumers. Sometimes customers will ask a designer to create an original product just for them. By creating a specific …show more content…
“What are the benefits of becoming a fashion designer?” you are probably wondering. The fashion industry is knows for being extremely competitive. But what would life be without a little competition? No career will guarantee you the height paying job immediately after graduating college. You must first acquire experience. Being a designer has no limits as to what, when, where or how you can create. It is all based upon how you can incorporate your creativity to provide your best work to make your dreams a reality. Working for a fashion company may result in receiving health insurance and a paid vacation. Due to the flexibility of this career you can travel the world while you work. Fashion is known worldwide enabling you to travel to numerous countries. While traveling work with various companies in different locations of the world, you meet new people. Meeting new people gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons in making new designs as well as collaborating with other designers. The fashion industry is full of diversity which permits you to branch out because there is so much

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