Benefits Of Avent 's Park Essay

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a. Advantages: Avent’s Park has many advantages for people living with a disability. There are 10 parking spaces when you arrive at the park, one of those being an accessible spot. The accessible parking spot is a clearly marked, van accessible. The space is located directly in front of the entry walkway with no impeding surfaces or objects. The walkway is firm, stable and made of concrete with a width of 66 inches allowing lots of passing room. Luckily the entire area of the park is relatively flat ground so it makes access easier. Between the parking area and the walkway there is a ramp of sort with a 2 inch slope with ample space; measuring 54 inches wide and 72 inches long. The ramp offers level landing on the top and the bottom of more than the 60 inches recommended by the American Disability Act (ADA). The bathrooms at Avent 's Park have obviously been updated to ADA standards, which is a major advantage for visitors. Located near the entrance a wide pathway leads to two bathrooms, one for each gender. Both bathrooms display an accessible sign on the opening side of the door that includes raised text and a contrasting background for easy viewing. The sign also includes Braille for those with a vision impairment which is located 48 inches from the ground, in compliance with ADA standards. The entryway is level with no protruding threshold in addition to providing ample space for maneuvering. The lightweight door opens to the outside creating a completely…

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