Benefits Of A Water Filter

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What is a Water Filter On The Go

A water filter on the go is a product to purificate your water. My water filter would give you a better healthy life by giving you water with less bacteria and germs. The water filter would filter your water and it would make it come on clean it.

Benefits of a Water Filter

W.F have a lots of benefits, some benefits are you get clean water that 's important in a development of kid, Filter Water is more affordable than bottle water, this means that you won 't have to spend to much money buying water. Some other benefits are, Drinking clean, filtered water protects the body from some disease, Filtered water is more healthy than distilled, alkaline water, and vitamin. Water Filtered reduces the risk of gastrointestinal
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The materials that have been used are Rocks, Charcoal and cotton. One of the reason have always been almost use in water filters is because ere there 's water there 's rocks. We used Charcoal in a water filter because it would eliminated some of the molecules and it would make it better. Also the rocks are good too because it gives a taste to the water.

Why should you have a Water Filter

Theres many reason why should you have a water filter. One of the reasons is because you should always be healthy even though you can 't purificated water. You should always be healthy, one way to get that is using the Water Filter On The Go. The Water Filter would filter up your water and it would give you healthy and better life for does who can 't afford bottle water. Another reason for having a W.F is because bottled water could make you sick sometime, but it could also give you a disease. Is really important to always Filtered the water and than boiled it to have better result because the water plays a really important role in your body. The role that the water play in your body is too always keep hydrated, but also it won 't make you eat too much. When you’re outside or maybe in the park you get thirsty, the water fountain looks dirty and you don 't want to drink from it just drink from your water filter on the go. You’re W.F would purificate the water and it would make it
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This product purificate your water and make it for you more clean, without bacteria or germs. It would take some away but not 100%percent. When you have your water filter it would be like you would be alive because you would be drinking clean and fresh water. When you’re home so you don 't have like water to drink you could also drink from your filter.

The Cost

The cost of my would be at least $5-$15 dollars. The reason why I choosed this prizes is because it depend on your materials and effort. In my opinion my product is a good product, but is not good as other. My product could do many things, but the percentages is not as high as other products. There 's some product that could kill up to 99.99% percentage of germs and bacteria. My product could kill up to 85.99% percentage of bacteria and germs for the research and test I had made.

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