Benefits Of A Social Worker Essay

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Being though, I was a youth in care, I have high expectations of how a social worker should be. During my years in care I had four different workers. My judge was previously a social worker so she set the bar high as well. My engagement process was horrible my first two experiences. My first social worker was a African American older male, who did not care at all, and the second was a Caribbean/ African American female who did not care and places prejudgment on me because of my situation, age, and race. After she was fired from the agency, I was appointed a new social worker whom was younger and more caring. During the engagement process, I explained to her that I am a very easy case, because I do when Is expected of me and I handle all of my younger sister’s personal business. If we understand each other expectations it will be a great partnership. It was rare that social workers had clients that went to school, work, and assist with younger sibling, not run away from foster homes/ group homes, and show up to meetingWhen first meeting with a social worker, I expect him or her to identify them by name, profession, and by agency or department. Before anything, it is important for a social worker to clarify the initial purpose of the interview; why are we here, the worker’s role and client’s role. I learned that role expectations influence human experience and behavior. People relate to one another within and between social systems through their roles. I prefer my…

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