Benefits Of A Large University Essay

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Benefits that Last a Lifetime
Students need to consider many factors when deciding whether to attend a university or a junior college. Most students do not know whether to go to a junior college or a university and many tend to struggle with the decision. If an individual wants to branch out and live without the guidance of parents or family, then one should choose a university. Compared to a junior college, universities offer more beneficial opportunities that drive students to excel later in life, including more academic options, a more diverse student body, and more extracurricular activities to choose from.
In comparison to junior colleges, universities tend to have a greater range of academic options for students to choose from. Junior colleges tend to receive less funding than universities, resulting in limited academic and extracurricular options for students attending. Universities on the other hand possess a great deal of academic opportunities available to students. According to an EnlightenMe article, “What are the Advantages of a Large University,” “Perhaps the most important advantage of attending large colleges and universities is the caliber of the education. Large universities are able to offer degrees in just about every academic field you can think of, and they often boast specialized programs in very specific and less popular areas of study. This wealth of academic departments usually draws top-notch professors and researchers, who create intellectually…

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