Benefits And Benefits Of Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaf is one of the vegetables taken from the leaves on plants or fruit trees. Indonesians eat papaya leaves as lalab or leaf cooked in a processed way as snacks for cooking rice and also other side dishes. Uniquely papaya leaves have a different taste with the fruit that bitter. But the bitter taste does not limit many Indonesian people to like the leaves of papaya. Even if you can process it, then the leaf will not be too bitter.
Behind the bitter taste, it turns out papaya leaves store millions of flavors and also various benefits for the body. Plants originating from Mexico ii can grow with a height of 30 meters. In addition to Indonesia in fact many countries that consume papaya leaf. What are the benefits:

30 Extraordinary properties
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Inhibits bacteria
As microorganisms that often cause disease, bacteria can be prevented by using papaya leaves. Carpainnya compounds can inhibit fungi, worms, parasites and bacteria to not enter and affect various body and tissues. This makes the papaya leaf often used as an herbal treatment for bacteria. Papaya leaves can be effective to inhibit the development of bacteria that are sometimes easily transmitted.
3). Protects the intestines
The intestine includes a very vulnerable part of the disease. That way you may be a little worried, how to protect your intestines and keep your food intake. Papaya leaf was able to protect the intestines and remove worms in the lining of the intestinal wall. This is because papaya leaves contain substances that are useful to expel tin worms.
4). Overcome typhoid
In addition to using worm extract, you are experiencing typhoid papaya leaf can use as an effective herbal remedy for you. In general, the content of tannin, karpain and also antibakterinya can relieve typhoid disease caused by bacteria tifose and also relieve symptoms incriminating sufferers. Such as fever, diarrhea, ulcers, and others.
5). Regenerate blood
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Helps digestion
A substandard digestion is usually due to lack of fiber. Papaya leaves contain papain enzymes as well as fibers that aid digestion in overcoming disorders such as constipation or constipation. For more potent, you can use papaya leaves by drinking boiled water or eating the leaves directly.
11). Overcoming Acne
Instead of using unnatural ingredients is not it better to use natural ingredients? Today's chemicals remove acne and also make the skin or skin layer become lifted continuously and make skin look thin and peel. Of course this situation is avoided by some people because it looks scary. It turns out to overcome the acne can get from papaya leaves because it can cope with acne naturally. Antibacterial ingredients in papaya leaves help remove the invading bacteria when the face is dirty and causes acne to arise.
12). Prevent cataracts
It turns out that although many cataracts are treated with surgery, for those of you who have recently been exposed to cataracts. You can minimize everything with papaya leaves. Papaya leaves contain vitamin A is very high and can affect you in cleaning the eyes of cataracts. Consumption of this leaf is either raw or cooked regularly every day.

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