Benefit Of Standardized Testing

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Overall, standardized tests are very beneficial to students education. If we use these tests the teachers will have something to teach to, which is more beneficial than most people make it seem. In the website, the US Department of Education states, "’Teaching to the test ' can be a good thing because it focuses on essential content and skills, eliminates time-wasting activities that don 't produce learning gains, and motivates students to excel.” Since some teachers do not know exactly what to teach their student, they all receive different levels of education, which is unfair to the students. If we use standardized tests, there will be specific curriculums that schools must offer and they will be much more motivated to teach it …show more content…
There are many students do not enjoy standardized tests, but regardless of that, many of the students do agree that they are very reasonable and fair. It is clear to the students that the tests are serving a good purpose, and that they are being assessed on fair and appropriate material, so they see no reason not to have them.
There are infinite benefits to standardized tests; and one of the many reasons is that they allow us to compare different school systems to each other.Standardized tests are a good measurement of success in many areas. Not only do standardized tests measure student performance, but they also measure the success of the teacher. Standardized tests can measure how hard a student studies or pushes him/herself to succeed. Some students struggle with testing, and it is clear which students put the effort in, and which ones don’t. The tests scores don’t only reflect on the students, but they also reflect on the teacher 's
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Some people make false claims by saying that standardized tests can only hurt students, rather than help them. If standardized tests are used correctly, they don’t only provide accurate, fast result; but they also help us to find out where the United States struggles and needs to improve on. It is true that in some cases, these tests can cause anxiety; it is good to prepare students to deal with unwanted stress and tension. Some teachers spend class time doing useless worksheets that do not benefit their students in any way, so teaching to this test would be a much more productive use of time. Since these tests contain crucial information for a student 's future success, it is very important that they learn all of the material on it. Many people say that teachers and students try to use the “drill and kill” method to make the students memorize the vocab that will be on the test, but that is not entirely a bad thing, because all of the vocab that they learn may be used later in their lives; for example if they are in college and they need to write an essay, the student would benefit very much by having extra vocabulary. These tests do nothing except help to improve our schools and education system. These kinds of tests allow us to compare districts to each other and see where they all stand. It becomes clear which schools need more help than others, and which areas we struggle with the most (such as

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