Beneath Clouds Essays

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Ivan Sen (2002)

* Opening credits: Images of rolling clouds, vast and immense, threatening and powerful. * Two female, high school students dressed in uniform walk a barren landscape. The only colour and movement comes from the trucks that roar through. Isolated, Aboriginal community. * Walk past an indigenous man carrying a jerry can of petrol. Stereotypical image of addiction. Lena in a thick Australian accent: “Whadda dickhead.” Clear from this dialogue that her values are very different from the norm. * Close up of dead butterfly with crawling ants, camera switches to close up of Lena. Connection between the character and the butterfly is made – both are beautiful creatures but neither
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Again, his action mirrors Lena’s (also treasured and hidden, but kept secret in order to deny that softer side to his self.)

* Lena at petrol station. Sick! Pregnant??? Misses bus, Vaughn arrives (stowaway in a milk delivery van) – fate??? Maybe Lena would not have continued on, but with him she feels more confident. * Wide shots of the landscape – vast, beautiful, flat. They are two small figures on the road. * Their physical separation (Vaughn walks behind Lena) and the use of close up shots of their faces, rather than appearing together on screen points to their differences and disconnection at this stage. Yet, they are dressed similarly and costuming has been used to imply that they will find some common ground as the film continues. Not so different after all.

Road is symbolic of the journey toward self-discovery.

* The fact that Lena leads is symbolic of how much further along she is in her journey and how Vaughn will learn from her. * Car 1: racism of white woman, representative of wider Australian notions of race and particularly indigenous people. * Wide shot of aboriginal men working in a field: L: “They look like a bunch of fucking slaves.” Allusion to a slavery past and history. * Vaughn thinks Lena is white, and she allows for this mistake by declaring herself Irish to him. The half-caste issue. She denies her Aboriginality and in doing so, a shameful connection to Aboriginal ways is cast.

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