Bellport Ashiya Case Study

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2. Cases from Japan 2.1 Bellport Ashiya

2.1.1 Overview

Bellport Ashiya- complex of facilities centered around marina, or small port (dock with mooring s and supplies for yachts and small boats) located in Hyoogo Prefecture, Ahiya City in the artificial South Ahiya island. It is known that first kind in Japan of residential district attached to berth. Regarding administration is one part of heavy harbor (one section of harbor in Japan) across Ashiya, Nishinomiya and Amagasaki cities, which managed by Hyoogo prefecture[7]. 2.1.2 Resident-oriented facilities[7], [8]:

Store-house for boats, accommodation
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1 View on Store-house for boats from front side of Club House. Source: Wikipedia,ベルポート芦屋 (in Japanese)

Image Residential Cove. Source: Main website of ‘Bellport Ashiya’ community. Advertisers promoting this trend in the following way[8]:

“ Running the love boat by following the spreading in the distance horizontal line. Forgetting own extending shadow, which reflected in the deck, while amusing oneself in fishing. Loving the sea, with boat owner that is the friend to the deep ocean, we suggest for you also to spend the best moments in Marina to relax in love boat . Like as hotel of highest grade services and the best facilities, and then provided with excellent amusement Ashiya Marina. Japan had been longed for marina, why not take the
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In other word, according to Blakely and Snyder’s (1997) general topology of gated communities [1] it’s resemble prestige type of community as factors that pushed reach people to create this communities and their features and characteristics are the same as in USA. This community that represent symbol of status access only available for residents and people who have membership, that allowing them to attend sport, spa and club house purchased 1 time for 5 year duration[9]. And membership can be purchased only for people recommended by residents (for friends )[9]. Age of residents (30-45), which shows that it used by young families. Unlike other communities resident pay for mooring facilities and shore protection and use fee for water area, which belongs to ship of each owner. So, what is the main difference between USA traditional gated communities and

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