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Dawes Point Summary
If you love the idea of living near the waterfront, Dawes Point (Walsh Bay), is one of the most desirable waterfront suburbs in Sydney. Located right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll find an exclusive blend of luxury waterfront properties, entertainment, commercial, and restaurant culture all around. Dawes Point is considered a quiet alcove on Sydney Harbour where the historic Rocks area is easily accessible. Living here provides you with easy access to the cosmopolitan lifestyle that is associated with the harbourside culture. You can walk, ride your bike, or take public transportation to work, play, or school from Dawes Point.
Dawes Point Profile
Dawes Point, also referred to as Walsh Bay, is a Sydney suburb situated at the north-western most edge of Sydney’s central business district. It is adjacent to The Rocks, though sections of Dawes Point are now included within The Rocks area. Dawes Point was originally a fortified site intended to protect the cove from outside invaders.
The atmosphere of this harbourside suburb is relaxed and recreational. It is mostly known for its fabulous and unique views of the Sydney Harbour and boasts some of the best restaurants and
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Dawes Point Park is known for its unparalleled harbour views and the historical significance of being where the first fort in Australia was built. The beautiful trees and grassy slopes makes this park perfect for picnics, weddings, family reunions, corporate functions, and other events. Every January, the Sydney Festival is held at Tar-Ra. The amenities at Dawes Point Park include harbourside cafes, restaurants, and historic pubs. There's a bubbler, rubbish bins, public toilets, and a bike-friendly area. The park itself is a mix of open spaces and playgrounds with majestic views across the Sydney

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