Mcmahon's Point Summary

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McMahon’s Point Summary
McMahon's Point is a serene haven that feels far away from hectic city life of the CBD and its neighbouring suburbs. Locals are often seen enjoying the harbourside views from Blues Point Reserve, Sawmills Reserve, or one of the eateries along Blues Point Road. North Sydney towers behind McMahon's Point as a backdrop, while it faces the beauty of Sydney Harbour. This special and unique suburb is surrounded by beauty as much as it is beautiful on the inside. The property market consists of a diverse range of properties from award-winning Mediterranean style apartments on the harbour and modern and contemporary homes and low-level art deco apartments amidst the quaintness of Victorian era homes and historic cottages. What’s not to love about it?
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Blues Point Road is where most of the restaurants and cafes are situated, which appeal to foodies from the local area as well as from all over the globe. Blues Point Reserve is a popular outlook that allows for unequaled views of Walsh Bay and the Sydney Harbour. Mil Mil Street and King Georges Street is also home to a few restaurants that provide multicultural cuisines in an intimate

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